Order + Design

order & design

The journey to amazing stationery and signage needn't be arduous..

We're here to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for, in the most seamless way possible!

step one.

dare to head down the rabbit hole...

Wedding stationery and signage comes in many different styles, shapes and sizes... So don't feel overwhelmed to go with the first thing you see. Trust us, you'll probably end up regretting it in the long run.

We offer two options for your stationery and signage needs; semi custom & custom.

Semi Custom
If you're see something in our shop that takes your fancy, ordering is as simple as adding the item to your shopping cart, confirming your payment details and hitting 'BUY NOW'. Easy as that.

If you're seeing several things you like, such as specific fonts or layouts, don't stress, we can do a custom creation for you so you know you are getting one of a kind stationery. You will pay a little more for a custom creation (just to cover our design time), but you can then know that your design is yours and yours alone.

step two.

finalise your details & send them through!

Each of our online order forms comes with space to include those all important details: this includes space for key invitation or menu details, or if ordering personalised items such as place holders or invitations, you can easily upload your intended guest list as a file!

Just remember that when sending info through to our team, we will copy these details into your design as the appear on your order. We aren't copy writers nor are we responsible for checking your spelling or it's really key that all information is correct & your guests names are spelt correctly!

(We do allow for changes as part of the design & approval process so do not stress if you pick up an error after you submit your order!).

step three.

approve the final drafts

Once we've crafted your design, we'll send it through in PDF format, via email, for your approval! It's really important that at this stage you double check that all of the information in your proofs are correct. Even if this means going through every place holder to double check your guest's names! 

Last thing you want is for your guests to have their names spelt incorrectly. 

If you find an error or the details have slightly changed (e.g. a menu item), these can easily be changed. We offer three rounds of changes on semi-custom designs and unlimited changes on our fully custom offering, so rest assured there is room to update and change as needed! 

Once you are happy with the final design, we will ask for you to send through one final email confirming your items are ready for production. 

step four.

patience is a virtue (apparently)

Now the hard part.... waiting for everything to be produced and delivered! 

Production timelines vary for each item we offer; please refer to the individual item's details section for more information on this. 

Where possible, we will endeavour to combine postage on all items, but please understand this is sometimes not always possible; sometimes the size of items limits combined postage and deliveries may need to be split. 

& if you are opting to 'Click + Collect' we simply notify you be email when your items are ready!

It's all as easy as that.