Why Work With Us

why work with us

We get it... Weddings and events are stressful and there are a multitude of moving parts to consider; venues, catering, music, officials... the list is endless! & we get that sometimes, you really just want things to take care of themselves. Which is where we come in.

we’re small… but with big ideas…

We love our clients and we’ve been blessed to work with some amazing individuals. & we’ve also worked in big business… Where quantity over quality is prioritized and connection with clients is lost.

So for that reason we strive to work with our clients one-to-one; we’re not hiding behind online stores, quick turn arounds and mass production. Rather we want to work with you to get the right design, the right card stock, the right materials, the right colour palette; everything just as it should be to ensure your dream day is exactly what you want it to be.

We're all about the champagne lifestyle on the beer budget because, simply put, everyone deserves a little luxury on their special day. 

& that doesn’t mean more expense.

We’ll be incredibly transparent, because why not, we’ve got nothing to hide; we’re a small business, based in a home studio in Coronet Bay, Gippsland (from June 2022) and as a result, our overheads are low. 

So when we price an item for you, you’re getting a quote based on exactly what you need with a small amount for our time and labour added in. We work directly with our printers to custom quote all our products; stationery, signage, bonbonniere items, what ever your needs, we know they can help and give us (and you) the best price possible. Our printers are a small, family owned business in Melbourne and we are blessed to be able to work with an amazing company to bring so many wonderful products to life. Through them, we are generally able to turn your items around in a 2-3 week period. 

We are committed to making everyone's event celebrations come to life with creative concepts and open communication at all times;  we are committed to responding to every ROQ within 24 business hours; it may not be a formal quotation your receive in that time frame, but you will hear from us in some respect as to your enquiry and how we can assist.