Welcome to our Small Business Initiative (SBI) program, a program dedicated to supporting small businesses in the wedding, event, and stationery industry.

We are thrilled to offer our program to like-minded businesses and look forward to providing you with an exclusive discount of 20% off all items in our online store.

Our program is designed to support small business and help you grow. We understand the challenges small businesses face, especially during tough economic times, and we want to help alleviate some of the financial burdens by sharing the love where we can.

By offering a discount on all items in our online store, we hope to make it easier for small businesses to access the high-quality products they need to thrive and without the hassle of ordering from suppliers overseas and being faced with lengthy international shipping deadlines.

In buying from us, you are supporting a small, Victorian based business who is one the same journey as yourself and who wants to pay it forward! If we can't help each other, who can we help!

Tania + The Event Wanderer Team

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